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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

1) Which Google Tool Was the Most Interesting to You? Explain


student 1 said...

I liked several of the tools. My favorites are the maps, searching by file format, and the news page. I like the way you can search news archives and personalize the page.

student 1 said...

I loved learning about many different tools. I liked the maps, news, directory and web page creation.

student 2 said...

I liked the maps and the news pages, and the ease of going from one to another.

student 3 said...

It is a tie between the docs and spreadsheets and page creator. From what my job is (only tech teacher) I see me using these to get teachers to do to become more paperless and for intriguing the students. It's hard to keep ahead of them - they have more time to play!

student 5 said...

A lot of the tools were very interesting. I wasn't aware of the extent I could utilize google. Everything in igoogle can be personalized.

student14 said...

I really like the igoogle start page. It lets me customize it and add things I will really use.